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EVE Online Ahenobarbus by Heliofob EVE Online Ahenobarbus by Heliofob
Here's the starship of my dream :) It's called "Ahenobarbus" because it's "beard" is somehow red :)
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SpikesOmega Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
This is VERY cool. Would make an interesting tech three modular ship. A few different "heads" and "tails" for the monster from the blackness of the void.
Kaizer913 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
It sorta looks like a monster head
ragez7 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
The first thing that hits my mind is: "Infested brutix?" awesome work mate
jedijeff1993 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012
EVA? that jap cartoon
Demon971 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
EVE Online [link] - Massively Multiplayer Online RPG set in space at some future time in some distant galaxy from our own. Very large and expansive sci fi universe, indepth story and lore, and exceedingly open "sandbox" gameplay with a working economy that excellently simulates the real world economy unlike any other video game ever, and it's all supported and operated by the players. Fascinating game!
Digaloid Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011   Artist
the frist thing that goes through my mind :Covenant elite
Prof-Nexus Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I see this as a bio-mechanical/organic (living) ship, sort of like "Moya" the Leviathan ship from Farscape :D
Very nice and original design! The first place ship (Tornado) is a ok design but nothing we have never seen before. Like most people were saying, in which he also knew himself;

"And yeah, i'm aware of the whole upside down/back to front myrmidon/kestrel/dragonfly thing"

My point is... compared to most other designs like yours, it lacked the creativity.
5*'s In my eyes, Ahenobarbus is one of the top three for sure mate! ;)

- Just to be clear, i am in no way trying to degrade the work of 'dreamwa1ker' or 2nd and 3rd place winners !!!
All the contestants obviously spent a lot of time and effort and deserve recognition for what they have created. I would buy the Tornado in-game because it is a nice ship, it's just that i would much rather have the option to buy a Ahenobarbus ;)

- And yes, the 'Ahenobarbus' would probably be challenging to import into EVE due to all it's bad ass details XD
ThatFreakyGuy Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see giant jaws. Just slap some white paint on that and it'll be perfect.
Jozura Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i've been looking at eve contest submissions for the past hour, and my first thought upon looking at your design, was O My F'n God That Is BADASS
Perturabo93 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
I would like it to be a finalist;it's great!!!
SpiritualBaggers Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
I hate to refer to it but doesn't that look very much like a Halo Elite head? =/
Heliofob Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Don't know, I didn't play Halo.
forte805 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
OH that looks SICK and in a good way too >3<
DjWinchester Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
I really like this!
mantasim Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
:invisible: + :la: = :heart:
Battlehamstergg Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
Ahenobarbus ? yes it is barbed alright : ) nice .
Lore-of-Seth Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010  Student General Artist
freaking amazing
Tehniq Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
View-ul colorat e superb realizat. Si design-ul in sine e unic. Bafta multa!:)
AtomicConnor Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
haha thats cool. good work
MoonlitCrescent Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
It's like a giant techno shark head. Very badass.
Niker117 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
this looks like a good cruiser for sansha...
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